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Sat, 5 Apr 2003
Germany - A weekend in Ulm - Saturday
We had planned on meeting up on Saturday at Heidenheimstr. at 10am. This required Allyn and I to get on the bus at Wiley club around 9:30. That was about the time Allyn woke up, and I woke up when he knocked on my door probably around 10am. Skipping the details, Allyn and I arrived more than an hour late. Eric left a note for us that said we should meet up by the Stadthaus in Munsterplatz.... they were going to stop by there every hour until 3pm. Allyn and I went to Munsterplatz were they were having a farmer's market, which happens every Wednesday and Saturday. We walked through various stands and ended up returning to the first one to get Currywurst.... very delicious! They had all sorts of things going on around there, and we walked around watching it until we met the others at 1pm. At that point, we went inside the Stadthaus. In the basement, we saw displays about the history of the Munster and Ulm. The upper floors were displaying local artwork. After going through the Stadthaus, we walked towards the Hauptbahnhof (train station). We walked past Einstein's monument, so I took a picture. The monument wasn't that exciting, and there were kids playing on it. We caught the #8 bus in front of the train station and took it to a shopping mall. It turns out they do have shopping malls in Germany! We also discovered that Jason was the only one who wanted to buy anything there; the rest of us just followed him around. Personally, I was enjoying just looking at everything. After Jason was done, I lead the way to food. Conveniently, the mall had a food court. Allyn and I got doner kebabs. They were really good. It's strange, because I don't think I really care for the individual ingredients, but I like the combination. For those that are not familiar with kebabs, they are similar to gyros. Jason got some sort of meat sandwich. Eric, the vegetarian, ate a slice of bread he had packed in his backpack and claimed he was happy.

I'm not sure entirely what we did after that. I'm sure we did something, but the next thing that comes to mind is that we went out to eat again. It always seems complicated finding somewhere to go. We ended up settling on Cafe Brettle. It's a couple blocks from the Munster. We came prepared for a wild night: we brought playing cards! We enjoyed their apfelstrudel and playing a long game of rummy. We had a nice waitress that helped us order in German. Allyn thought she was hot, and he was right. I traded seats with him so he could see her more easily. He also suggested that we come there often. We quite possibly will.

After the cafe, we returned to Heidenheimerstr. Jason had a note from the Internet guy that said he was setup for the Internet. I had brought over my laptop, and we successfully plugged it in and connected to the Internet. Yay! In exchange for letting me use his connection, I left my laptop with Jason overnight; he didn't bring his computer to Germany. I spent too long on the computer, so Allyn and I ended up walking to the Rathaus instead of taking the bus there. Fortunately, we got there in time for the bus to Wiley Club. I feel fairly safe walking around Ulm at night, especially compared to somewhere like Flint. But it's still a little weird.
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