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Fri, 2 May 2003
Germany - Weekend 5 - Mediterranean - Day 3
So now I've been to Spain. Although now I know that Barcelona isn't "real" Spain; it's Catalun.

In Barcelona, we went on Mike's Bike Tour. It's aimed at mainly college students. It started in Munich (I think), but now they have them in 4 European cities. They tell you the history of the city and you bike around to various sights, and they tell you about them. It was fun. Our plan was to take the tour on our first day in Barcelona, and then on the second day we would go back to the ones that looked/sounded interesting. It as a good plan, but we didn't get to go to everything we wanted to on the second day, because we did a horrible job of predicting when things would be open. (Stupid siesta!) The tour guide also recommended various bars and restaurants in addition to historical sights.

I saw Megan's church in Barcelona. It's not finished yet. The tour guide said that they say it'll be done in 18 years, but he doesn't believe it. He told us how there are going to be 12 towers of the current height, then all the other bigger ones too, and how the church is going to stretch across the street, and the street will actually go under the church. And then he pointed out how it was a nice Friday afternoon, and there was no work being done on the church. The tour guide told us a story about how Gaudi (sp?) died. He said Gaudi was basically a madman towards the end of his life. He lived in a shack inside the church, and his life was consumed with he church. He stopped paying attention to personal hygiene. The tour guide told us that one morning Gaudi was outside looking at the church and he got run over by a tram! That didn't kill him instantly though, and he was taken to the hospital. Since he didn't take care of himself anymore, he basically looked like a bum. So instead of getting treated with a high priority because he was Gaudi, he was taken to the ward for bums and died there. It took a couple days before they realized exactly who he was. There was an uproar about it and the hospital was closed. But the tour guide said they were already going to close that hospital because a new one had just been built. Oh, I forgot to mention that the taxi drivers refused to take Gaudi to the hospital. I think the story's true, although I can't say for sure.
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