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Mon, 26 May 2003
Germany - Weekend 8 - Berlin - Day 3
On Monday we had a little debate about what to do. Eric suggest going to this wall exhibit that had information about the Holocaust. I guess they had been there on Friday, but the descriptions were only in German. While we were on our tour, Boris told us that you could get a free Audioguide in English that described everything. So Eric suggested doing that. I liked that idea, although I don't know if I really voiced much of an opinion. Allyn didn't like the idea that much, because it didn't seem very interesting when they went through the first time. Allyn instead proposed that we went to the (also free) history museum that was pointed out on the tour. Jason liked Allyn's idea, and we ended up going with that. We found the building that had the "Deutsches Historisches Museum" banners on it. We walked around it, but didn't see anywhere to go in. Then I noticed that the building next to it said "Deutsches Historisches Museum" on the side and people were going into it. So we went inside and discovered that it cost 2 euros instead of being free, like Allyn's book said. But we paid the 2 euros and went into the museum. From this point, it was not that great. I think I'm different than average, but I'll look at pretty much anything in a museum. And I generally like reading the descriptions.

First we went up to the top floor of the museum. They had a temporary exhibit on the architecture of I.M. Pei, who is world-famous for being kinda weird and draping things in silk. I grabbed a binder that had an English translation of the exhibit and read about a couple buildings he designed. I'm not big into architecture, but it was somewhat interesting. In the time I read about two exhibits, the other had walked through the whole area and decided they were going to look for something better. They said that I could stay and look at it, but I didn't want to lose them in the museum. So we left the architecture exhibit on the 3rd floor and went down to the second floor. The second floor had an exhibit about JFK, it opened on the 26th, so the guys thought it was the first day that it should be open. But it was still closed for some reason. A while later I noticed that the exhibit didn't open until June 26th. So then we went down to the ground floor. This was where the permanent exhibit was, about German history. It was kinda interesting, but I didn't understand a lot of it. There was a lot about the European Union and peace treaties I had never heard of. Downstairs, in the basement, was the other half of the permanent exhibit. As it turned out, the history exhibit started in basement, because because we started it on the ground floor, we had started in the middle. (That explains why there was a big VII on the walk when we walked in.) Also, we walked around the exhibit backwards on the ground floor. So a lot of the individual things were interesting, the overall progression was baffling to us. Eric and I went through and look at a bunch of stuff. But Jason and Allyn didn't really like the place and rushed through and sat by the exit for a long time. Which is quite ironic, because they were the ones who wanted to go there. After the museum, we stopped by Tomb of the Unknown (German) Soldier, which was just down the road. If I remember correctly from the tour, it is now the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the Tomb of the Unknown Holocaust Victim. It was just a simple monument, as long as we saw the whole thing. From there, we walked to the train station and took the train home to Ulm. We arrived in Ulm around 8:00. And we all went to our respective homes.
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