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Sat, 7 Jun 2003
Germany - Vacation 1 - Munich
Because I stayed up late the previous night, I slept in on Saturday. This was potentially problematic, but it felt really good to sleep in, so I didn't care. You see, the rest of my group had left for Munich that morning. They were going to go to the Technischesmuseum during the day and then meet up with Allyn's sister. I had been wanting to see the large Informatik section at the museum and was bummed to miss it, but I guess that gives me another reason to return to Munich some day. After I got up, I packed my stuff and headed to the Ulm train station. This wasn't just going to be a weekend trip; it was the beginning of a two week vacation we had to celebrate Whitsun. I'm not very familiar with that holiday, but we were going to make the best of two weeks off in Europe!

When I got to Munich, I checked in to our standard hostel, 4 you Munich. The guys had checked in earlier that day and had kindly left me a note in the room saying that they would meet me back at the hotel at 6pm (I think). I left my bag in the room and went exploring Munich. I took the S-bahn to Marienplatz and started walking north. There are so many interesting things to look at in Munich; I didn't really have a plan to see anything in particular. I ended up walking a long ways through the Englischer Garten. I saw something pretty amazing over there: people surfing on a canal. A Mike's Bike tour passed me while I was walking, and I would later learn that I walked along a major portion of their tour route. Basically I had a nice stroll through a picturesque city on a beautiful day. Just the thing I needed. That evening I met up with the group plus Allyn's sister and we went to dinner. We walked around some and visited the Hofbraeuhaus but didn't stay. I think we ended up going to the other Munich beer hall, Augustiner, and playing cards while Eric read guidebooks.
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