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Mon, 9 Jun 2003
Germany - Vacation 1 - Copenhagen
We spent this day in Copenhagen. We didn't know much about this city or really the whole country, so the experience was a partial waste. I think we walked right by where the crown jewels were kept, but nobody besides me was interested in finding out what was in the building. We did go on a boat tour despite the cold weather. We saw the mermaid from the boat. We later walked over to the mermaid, and I had my picture taken in front of her. She looked disinterested. I remember stumbling upon an English church nearby. There's a big spiral church tower in Copenhagen, and we had to climb it just like every other one. This one kinda scared me because all that held you in was the railing, and it looked pretty old. It wasn't wobbly so I guess it was okay, but I doubt they have it inspected regularly. I thought it would be appropriate to eat a Danish since I was in Denmark. I have a picture to prove it. However, I was mildly surprised to see that Danishes are really called Wienerbrod. Even my basic understanding of German know that means Vienna bread. Go figure.

The part of Copenhagen that we did right was Tivoli. It's this cool amusement park across the street from the train station. At first it didn't seem to have much to offer, but we stumbled upon I think three different events that happened one another the other. I forget the order now, but we saw a circus-type event involving a high-wire act, a food juggler, and something else. Then an orchestra had a performance in a different part of the park. Finally, there was a silent theatre performance after that. I know I really enjoyed it, and I think the others did as well. We had dinner afterwards in the train station. I got screwed over in a new way. You see, I had consistently bad luck of always getting my food last whenever we ate out (which was all the time). I ordered a steak at one of the restaurants. After a long wait (maybe 20 minutes) and noticing that none of the employees appeared to be cooking anything, I had to ask about it. The explanation I got was that they forgot to make it! We had barely enough for them to make it then and for me to eat it before we took the train to Sweden. That evening we took a train across a huge bridge to Malmo, a Swedish city across the water from Denmark. That night we took an overnight train to Stockholm.
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