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Web Portals
There is an increasing number of websites that appear to be fighting for the "web portal" role for Jackson, Michigan. Rather than zipping away to
Yahoo! to surf the Net, these portals hope you'll appreciate a local source for content.

Below is some quick information about each of the choices.
This is the original Jackson home page; it predates the term "portal." This site is among a group of Michigan sites created by Albion Design, and it claims to be "the most popular website in Jackson."
Jackson Local is probably the newest on the scene. A product of Abluze Computers Plus, it features monthly news articles about community events. The Java menu on the left looks cool, but loads slowly.
The brainchild of the Jackson Citizen Patriot, this site contains many leading articles from today's newspaper. In fact, the majority of the CitPat's local content is posted on this portal, including both text and photographs.
Created by another local web design company, AMS Developers, this site makes yet another crack into the market. Calling itself "Jackson's Town Square on the Internet," this site features a chat room, discussion boards, and a semi-monthly e-mail newsletter. As of yet, the chat room and discussion boards remain quite empty, rendering them virtually useless.
While I do not try to be or claim to be a portal, I have some reasons to include myself on this list. All the sites listed above maintain their own business directories, although they are quite limited. Jackson Links has the largest collection of business and non-profit links to local sites. However, the "personal home pages" section is the only site collecting your fellow neighbors' home pages.

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