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Mon, 7 Apr 2003
Germany - A weekend in Ulm - Monday
Monday was our third day in a row where we were in Ulm with nothing we needed to do. We met at 11:30am in the Fachhochschule Ulm mensa. While we could go anywhere for lunch, the mensa serves lunch for the low, low price of 2.15 euros. Hard to beat that, and the food is always good!

After lunch, we visited the International Office. We wanted to check on the status of our computer accounts and see if any of our passports had been returned from the registration process. We talked to Stephanie, and she told us that she was going to lunch. She was giving a presentation about studying abroad at Kettering University at 1:15, and she asked us if we would come so we could answer questions and tell things about Kettering and Flint firsthand. We agreed to this, and played Euchre in the lounge until 1:10. We visited Stephanie again at that point, and she gave Eric and Jason their passports back. Allyn and I didn't get our passports back yet because we live in Neu-Ulm. At the presentation, we were put on the spot.... Instead of feeding us questions or starting things herself, she basically immediately handed the presentation to us. We had no idea what to say, so we asked if there were any questions. There were not many questions, probably because the audience had just walked in. In short, it did not seem very organized. After answering a few questions, we wrote our e-mail addresses on the board (for future questions) and left.

Then we talked to the computer lady about our accounts, and she said to come back between 2pm and 4pm. So we played more cards until 2pm when we went back and got our usernames and passwords. We successfully logged onto the computer using the funky German keyboards.

After verifying that our accounts worked, we went into town. Our goal: see the Brotmuseum. For those who do not know German, that is the bread museum. It was in Allyn's "Let's Go" book, and we have been looking for things to do in Ulm. In general, we were not impressed with the museum. But then again, what can you expect from a museum devoted to bread that has signs in German? I had fun trying to figure out the German signs.

To balance out the unexciting museum, we had a great experience at an Italian cafe in town. The waiter came up to the table and said a bunch of stuff that made no sense..... with helpless looks on our faces, we asked if he spoke English. Fortunately, there was another waiter who spoke great English. He was very talkative too; I'm not sure if he always talks that much or if he was just happy to use his English. He told us about how he used to work at a Starbucks in Vancouver. Anyway, we all ordered pizzas, and they were delicious. The waiter also gave us some spicy oil and chili (in a grinder) that we could put on our pizza. We tried both, and both were hot but good. Jason really likes his hot food.... he used a lot of the oil, and his nose started running, he was sweating, and there was a big vein sticking out on his forehead. After the pizza, Eric and Jason got the ice cream they had ordered. Allyn and I were not planning to get any ice cream, but the waiter told us that they were really good. It may sound silly, but that was enough to convince us. The waiter was right; I ended up ordering a cherry sundae contraption, and it was really delicious. Basically, we all liked everything we got there. The bill was bigger than we had hoped, but it was not too horrible.
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