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Sat, 12 Apr 2003
Germany - Weekend 2 - Bavarian - Saturday morning at Body World in Munich, then to Fussen
On Saturday morning, we got up and checked out of the hostel. Fortunately, they let us store our luggage there. We rode the subway to Olympia Park in Munich, home of the 1972 Olympics. There was a thing going on at the Munich Arena called (in German) Body World. It has a bunch of displays showing things about the human body: muscles, bones, tendons, baby development, etc. It's kinda controversial, because it is so graphic. They have lifesize models of the human body.... or maybe they're cadavers..... or maybe them have some of both. Not knowing German, we weren't entirely sure of the situation. After going through there, we went back into Munich. Our plan was to travel to Füssen by train Saturday evening, and I had made reservations to check into the Füssen hostel by 8pm. While we had ridden the U-3 subway line to Body World, we had to walk a long way, and it looked like we were actually closer to the U-1 subway line. So instead of walking back to the subway station we used before, we decided to walk towards a new subway station. We failed horribly! The map we had didn't really show the area by U-1 very well; a couple roads were labeled, but most roads in the area were not. To make a long walking story short, we ended up stopping at a bus station to ride the bus back to the U-1 station. We made it back to the hostel to pick up our stuff, and then we got on the train to Füssen. Füssen is about 2 hours from Munich by train. Fussen is right by the Alps, so the scenery on the train was nice. Eric was all excited to see the Alps. Unfortunately, the weather on Saturday was dreary, so it was difficult to see far off in the distance. We got to Füssen around 7pm, and began walking toward the hostel (in the direction my guidebook told me). It turned out we were walking with another guy..... he was from Pennsylvania, and he was doing a yearlong workstudy in Germany and Switzerland. We got to the hostel, and we really liked it. It was only 15 euros each for a bed in a 6-person room, and breakfast was included. On the train to Füssen, I ended up sitting next to 2 Germans, who were about our age and girlfriend and boyfriend. I started talking to them, and it turned out that they lived in Füssen. The conversation started like this:
Me: Hallo.
Guy: Hallo.
Me: Do you speak English?
Guy: a little
As it turned out, the guy had lots of English in school (just like everyone else), but I got the idea that school wasn't really his "thing." However, his girlfriend was much better at English. For that matter, she had just bought a big, fat English dictionary, and she had me look it over to see if it was worth it. I asked them what there was to do in Fussen. Our plan was to see the "King's castles" near Füssen on Sunday, but we were completely free for Saturday night. It was kinda funny, because they knew of a couple "supposedly fun" things to do in Fussen, but had never done them themselves. She mentioned there were springs (if that was the right English word) that were nice. The two of them had been to these springs twice. After checking in at the hostel, we asked the guy at the front desk about where the springs were. As it turned out, we don't think she meant springs.... she meant falls. Füssen has Germany's "biggest" waterfall. (It's by no means the tallest, but it has the most water going through it.) The guy at the front desk gave us a map of the city and highlighted our path to the falls. When we got there, it reminded me of home. Cascades! It definitely appeared to be --- probably not manmade, but man-modified. We don't know that for sure, though. But the water fell down about 6 different levels. After seeing the falls, we headed back into town. We had supper at Poisedon (sp?), which was a Greek restaurant. It was really good, albeit a little expensive. I think we all loved it. After supper we went back to the hostel, because it was starting to sprinkle outside. Jason and I each took a shower then, because they close the showers at 10pm due to noise. After that, we played a game or two of Euchre, and then went to bed.
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