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Sun, 13 Apr 2003
Germany - Weekend 2 - Bavaria - Sunday at Neuschwanstein
Breakfast was 7-8 in the morning, and checkout was at 8:45. We were all at breakfast by 7:10 or so. Impressed? Breakfast basically consisted of bread and toppings, along with milk and cinnamon tea. After breakfast, we checked out of the hostel but stored our luggage there. We took the bus to the Königsschlösser: Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein. Königsschlösser means "King's Castles." Neuschwanstein is the Disneyworld castle. We bought our tickets for an English tour of each castle, and we walked the 5 minute path up the mountain to Hohenschwangau. Fortunately, the weather was great today, so the views were fantastic all day. The tour was about 35 minutes, and it was impressive seeing all the grandeur through the castle. Then we walked to Neuschwanstein. It's approximately 30 minutes of walking up a very still incline to get to the castle. However, since we had had about 90 minutes between castles, we walked past Neuschwanstein and went to Marienbrücke ("Maria's Bridge"), which basically involved walking up another 30 minutes of steep inclines and steps. The view was worth it. Actually, I had already been to Neuschwanstein and the bridge before with my family. It was all new to everyone else though, and the weather was much better today than with my family. We took pictures from the bridge, and then headed to the castle for our tour. The tour was interesting, but rushed because they have so many people to take through the castle. Unfortunately, they don't let you take pictures of the insides of the castles. I think it's just because they want to sell pictures of the interiors at the gift shop. After the tours, we walked back and waited for the bus back to Füssen. Because Jason and Allyn have a presentation they have to give on Tuesday, we decided to cut our weekend a day short and return today instead of on Monday as we had been planning. So we took the bus back to Füssen, picked our bags up from the hostel, took the trian back to Munich, grabbed some quick food, and took the train back to Ulm. We played a game of Euchre in Allyn's room, and we split up for the night

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