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Fri, 16 May 2003
Germany - Weekend 7 - Prague - Getting there
On Friday, we ate lunch in the Mensa and discussed what we were going to do about our tickets to Prague. We eventually figured out how we were going to handle the tickets and decided on catching the ~3pm train to Munich. (The night train to Prague left from Munich.) We got to Munich at 4:30pm. German museums (and probably most other museums) tend to close at 6pm, so we had time to see one smallish museum. We went to the Munich City Museum. It had an eclectic collection of stuff. We saw models of what Munich used to look like, and photographs showing the WWII damage to Munich and the reconstruction. On another floor they had marionettes and puppets. We managed to see most of the exhibits except the floor that had musical instruments, which was a disappointment to me. :( Fortunately, Munich wasn't our destination for the weekend; just an interesting stop along the way. After the museum we actually had a lot of time to kill before the train left. We found an outdoor cafe to have dinner at. Jason and Allyn both got some sausages for dinner. The funny thing is that the sausages came on heart-shaped skillets. I took a picture of this, which they didn't particularly appreciate. After dinner we went to a beerhaus and played cards until it was time to go to the train station. We got to the train station and found our train. We couchettes on the night train, which means we could expect a decent amount of sleep in the night. (Being in a crowded room of seats on the night train really, really sucks.) I didn't sleep as well on the train as I had hoped. I could fall asleep, but I kept waking up, probably every hour or so. In the middle of the night, we were all woken up. We had just crossed the Czech border and there were people that wanted to see our passports. We all handed the guy our passports and he stamped them after checking that we looked like our pictures.
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