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Sat, 17 May 2003
Germany - Weekend 7 - Prague - Day 1
Our train arrived in Prague around 8:30 in the morning. I was nervous as we were getting close to Prague. Unlike most of the places we've been, I've never been in the Czech Republic, I don't have a clue how to speak Czech, and I just generally don't know how things work in the Czech Republic. Our first hurdle once arriving was to find somewhere to sleep for the next two nights. Allyn had contacted a few hostels in Prague before we left, but they told us that they were all booked up. After getting off the train, we walked down the stairs, following the flow towards the center of the train station. We saw a place the said it booked rooms, and we stopped outside it while we talked about what to do and if we wanted to try that place. While we were standing there, we looked very much like backpackers in search of a room for the night. Our guidebooks had told us that we would be swarmed with room hustlers and other types in the train station. A man in a suit came up to Jason and discretely asked him if he wanted to exchange money. Jason turned him down. A little bit later, a middle-aged lady came up to us and asked us if we were looking for a place to stay. We said yes, and she described the place she had. It wasn't a hostel; it was an apartment. There were four beds, a kitchen, and a bathroom. She said it would cost 10 Euros/night since we were staying 2 nights. This sounded like a great deal, so after hearing a little more about it we agreed to check it out. She drove us all in her car to the apartment. We checked out the apartment, liked it, and payed her for it. She gave us instructions for what to do with the keys, and after she left, we never saw her again. This means that by 9:30 we had accomplished our first goal: we had a place to stay while we were in Prague. :) We each took a shower at this point, since we had spent the night on the train.
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