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Sat, 31 May 2003
Germany - Weekend 9 - Amsterdam - Day 2
Saturday. Eric doesn't spend money on Saturday, so we spent a large portion of Saturday morning wandering around town not knowing what many things were. I got sick of this, and the other three of us ended up going on a bike tour at 2pm. It was nice, although not amazing. Afterwards, we went to a big park that was on the south side of the city. As our tour guide explained it, most people in the city don't have a backyard, so the park was kinda like a big community back park. There were trees around and a big pond. We watched some really good rollerbladers do tricks around a line of little cones they had set up. (Do you know what I'm talking about?) They were really good, and they weren't street performers; just people having fun. We lounged on the grass for quite a while. A little later, there was a guy playing piano. He kinda looked like Andy Variell. He was really good. After the park, we had dinner at a Chinese restaurant. You may be wondering why we haven't had an authentic Dutch meal in Amsterdam. Well, I'm actually not sure what Dutch food is. However, Amsterdam has a long history trading with foreign lands, so they had a lot of Chinese and Thai restaurants there. After dinner, we went back to the hole in the wall. Eric and Jason were going to go to bed, but Allyn and I decided to walk around town. I think we started walking around midnight. It was pretty quiet where we were staying, but once we got over by the train station, there were lots of people around and restaurants, bars, coffee houses, etc. were still open. From there, we walked up and down all the busy streets, observing Amsterdam's nightlife, although not necessarily participating in it. After an hour or so, we decided to head home. Unfortunately, we didn't really know where "home" was. We found the road we lived on, but the addresses were in the 500s. (Our place was number 57.) As we walked towards our place, the number kept going up! This made us worried, so we ended up walking all the way back to the train station to get back to our place. I think we got there just after 2am.
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