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Sun, 1 Jun 2003
Germany - Weekend 9 - Amsterdam - Day 3
Sunday. Eric and Jason got up early to go to the Anne Frank House. Jason and I didn't go for various reasons: Wolfy said that it wasn't very good, the line was really long, I had already been there, and Allyn was probably saving money. Because we knew we weren't going, we weren't too worried about being out as late as we had been the previous night. When the two of them got back from Anne Frank, we walked to the train station and stored our luggage there. Then we walked a very long distance to the Heineken Experience. It's an old Heineken brewery that was turned into a sort of museum/theme park thing a couple years ago. For 7.50, you get a tour through the brewery, three beers (or soft drinks), and a Heineken glass to take home. They have a cool spot where you "experience" what it is like to become a bottle of Heineken. All the guys really liked it, and I thought it was good. (It felt a little too much like we were worshipping beer to me.) After this, we went back to the hole in the wall. Wolfy had told us that he had a boat and would give us a ride through the canals. This sounded really cool to me, and the others liked the idea too. We met Wolfy, and he drove us to the boat. Unfortunately, the boat left much to be desired. It was an old, rusty, metal boat. It was dirty and had a wood plank floor. I was in the first carload to the boat, and therefore got to help bail out to boat! It looked like the water had been sitting there a long time. The engine was in the center of the boat, and we sat around it. Fortunately, the weather was perfect for a cruise on the canals, so it was not all horrible. I enjoyed the experience overall. I think we were the loudest boat on the canal. The funniest thing happened when we went under this one bridge....... as we were approaching the bridge, we saw three elementary-aged kids standing by the railing. They had big squirtguns! Jason and Allyn were sitting at the front of the boat, and the kids really got them good. Eric and I were sprayed a little, and it felt good. Wolfy took us to the train station, and we said goodbye to him, and caught our train to Brussels.
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