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Sat, 26 Apr 2003
Germany - Weekend 4 - Austria - Day 1
We caught a very early morning train to Salzburg on Saturday morning. The train we were planning to take wasn't exactly listed, and it said reservations required (or something like that in German). That scared me out of taking that train and we instead opted for a neighboring train that was also heading to Munich (our first connection). Unfortunately, this was RE train which was not nearly as fast as our intended train. Despite taking longer than we had planned, we safely arrived in Salzburg on Saturday morning. The weather was perfect! I stored my backpack in the lockers at the train station, but the others decided to carry theirs all day and save a euro or two.

We had until 4pm in Salzburg, at which point we were to take a 6 hour train ride to Vienna. Salzburg is a very quaint place, and it is very nice to walk through. I had been to Salzburg before with my family, so some things were familiar, and I think I took some of the same pictures. Allyn and I went to the cool looking Hohensalzburg Fortress. I had been to the outside of this fortress before, but we also took the tour through the inside which was interesting. We walked through a couple cemeteries including St. Sebastian Cemetery. This includes Price-Archbishop Wolf Dietrich's mausoleum which, honestly, looked like a subway inside with all the colored ceramic tile on the sides. Towards the end of the day, we stopped by Mirabell Gardens. We took the typical postcard picture and also listened to a young string quartet playing near the gardens. At first it seemed like an outdoor concert, but they walked away so casually that is seems like they might have simply been rehearsing. I think we saw more, but I can't remember.

On Saturday afternoon we took the train to Vienna. We had already booked the hostel there, so we could arrive anytime we wanted. On the long train ride, we played cards and talked with Tracy (sp?), the girl across the aisle who turned out to be studying for a semester in Vienna. She was from Missouri, I think. We arrived in Vienna around 10pm and walked to our hostel which was thankfully close. The room was very tight for the four of us, but was the cheapest hostel yet (13.50 for those of us with beds, 8.00 for Allyn's mattress on the floor).
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