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Sun, 27 Apr 2003
Germany - Weekend 4 - Austria - Day 2
So Sunday was our first full day in Vienna (a.k.a. Wien). We slept in a little. The other guys ate bread with spread for a breakfast-like meal in the room. Then we walked to the nearby Westbahnhof (train station) and bought some pastries for breakfast. While our hostel was conveniently located by the train station, both a inconveniently located on the edge of town. Therefore we went to the U-bahn and bought a card that would let us travel for the next two days using Vienna's public transportation system. We took the subway into the old town center, and took the tram around the perimeter to get a brief overview of the area. My guidebook recommended this, and it explains various highlights along the route. We started in front of the Opera House. We hopped off at one point and took pictures of the Theater, the Rathaus, and the Votivkirche (votive church). Towards the end of the route we got off and went to the Natural History museum. Being technical people, this attracted us more than the average museum filled with paintings and sculptures. I think we went in every room at the museum and saw large collections of rocks and animals among other things. I took a few pictures of elephants for Megan.

Now is when my memory starts to fail... (Some of this might not be in the correct order.) We walked into the center of the old town. We went inside the old church, Stephansdom. I got currywurst at a street kiosk while the others went to a Subway down the road. We walked around a fair amount that day, and I think we went to a dozen cathedrals that we happened to be passing by. In the evening we went to a place that Allyn's guidebook recommended, "Oh pot, Oh pot." It was really quite delicious, although not a typical Austria restaurant. I got chili con carne. Around 9pm we went to the opera. Sunday's performance started at 5pm, but it was scheduled to end at 9:45! Being simple people (and following my guidebook's suggestion), we walked in and bought standing places (only 2 euros) for the last 30-40 minutes of the opera. It was a nice experience. I might be able to sit through a whole opera, but I certainly couldn't stand for a 5 hour opera. After the opera we went back to the hostel. When we got back, I suggested walking through town to see if there were any street performers. I asked the guy at the front desk and he said there might still be street performers outside, and he marked a couple places on the map to try. All four of us went back into town (with much less money on us) but failed to see any street performers.
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