Really busy

Wow…. it has been a long time since I last updated.  I have little excuse for not posting anything in August, but in September I have been very busy.  On top of taking 6 classes while working approximately 2 jobs, I have been recovering having all my luggage stolen the night before I returned from Germany.  (I wish I had posted more of my photos online before that night!)  I also spend much time enjoying the company of Heather rather than working on pesky homework.  However, commitments I’ve made to my teammates will keep me on track for most classes.

Fall is supposed to be the heavy season for fulltime MBA recruiting, but I’m not sure how much that applies to me.  First, I’m really busy.  Second, many of the companies I was interested in last year didn’t seem to get serious about interviewing for internships until May, so it seems doubtful they would interview and extend offers in the fall for work starting the following summer.  Some of the work I’m doing now for Journeys International and for my entrepreneurship class has the potential to give me networking potential and strong referrals, as well as skills that would be very helpful in starting a new venture.

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