Some Memorable People from San Francisco

Before the memories fade, I’d like to briefly record some memories of the new people I met over the past three weeks.  This is my best idea for preserving the moments; scenic vistas can be photographed, but social interactions cannot.

  • Dylan, who said, “There’s a severe earthquake forecast for next Monday.”
  • Rose, who a moment later asked, “Did you say the earthquake on Monday won’t be too severe?”
  • Lucy, who said “Sorry” when I told her I had been to Northampton.
  • The guy who sat next to me at a TL bus stop, rolled a joint, then called someone and said “Want to buy some drugs?  I need money for food.”
  • The guy at the hostel who explained he chooses his diet based on his blood type and is looking for work as a life coach and/or arranging furniture.
  • The Canadian girl at the CouchSurfing mixer who appeared amorous with multiple guys.
  • Emmanuel, the IT consultant and CouchSurfer who moved to Norway without mentioning it to his Pennsylvanian clients, whom he continued to work for.
  • Tony, the Japanese/Peruvian guy at the CouchSurfing mixer who knew the sheriff in my grandparent’s village in Michigan, population 534.
  • Jitka, the CouchSurfing nuclear physicist.
  • Lewis, who borrowed my computer for the longest 20 minutes ever.
  • Helen, who seems nearly perfect.
  • Aarani, who works in M&A but not M&A and lived in the same part of London I did.
  • Jo, who told the Ugandan police, “OK, I’ll pay the bribe.  Just wait here while I go get the money,” and got away with it.
  • Guy at the bike rental who told me to find the tall, bearded Jewish guy at Zingerman’s Deli and tell him, “Chicago Joe says Hi”.
  • Ross, who I think owes me for the bike rental and needs to e-mail me my photos from the ride
  • Gustavo, the Colombian who saved for three years to study briefly in America and dreams of organizing stevia production.
  • Ida, whose answer to “How do you know Hally?” was “Happy hour”.  Because I was surprised by her answer, she proceeded to explain that happy hour was a time in the evening with drink specials.
  • SF local eager to hang on the side of the cable car.  I said, “I hear it’s best on standing on the side,” and she responded, “It’s better on your back.”
  • The cable car driver who, based on appearance, probably arrived in San Francisco during the gold rush.
  • Girl with nosering, the abstract painter turned sculptor turned social practicer turned experimental documentary filmmaker who manages to find subjects weirder than herself: a couple that met when the girl called a suicide hotline, drove the first counselor to quit, and ended up in a relationship with the second counselor!
  • Gregory, new CouchSurfer, swim teacher to disabled children, concert poster collector, fascinated by the Golden Gate and its jumpers
  • Stephen, the nomad, whose friends have a pool going on how long he’ll last in his new job as tour guide.
  • John, day trader, former retail stockbroker, former operator of a methadone clinic, former drug dealer.
  • Corinna, the Jehovah’s Witness bartender from Mexico who is going to explain the blood transfusion doctrine without relying on the Old Testament.  (Unless she recants on her opposition to stoning adulterers.)

I am writing this mainly so I can jog my memory after the memories fade over time, but I hope others may find some amusement from reading the list.

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