2017-11-11 workout

Today’s workout:

  • 5 min row machine
  • Barbell back squats: 12@20kg, 10@40kg, 6@60kg, 5@80kg, 5, 5
  • Dumbbell shoulder press (seated): 8@12kg (each side), 7, 6, 5
  • Standing cable rope rows: 10@60kg, 8@90kg, 7, 5, 6ish@80kg
  • Assisted dips, wide grip, new machine: 2 drop sets, going down to 40kg assistance, 3 minutes between sets
  • Decline bench weighted situps, holding 5kg against chest: 2 sets of 12
  • Bicep machine: Drop set starting at 30kg
  • Tricep pull downs with straight bar: Drop set starting at 45kg on the big cable machine

Time: 67 minutes

Weight: 75.1kg

Notes: I started to feel sick, so I cut the sit-ups from three to two sets.

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