2018-04-07 workout

  • 5 min row machine
  • Straight-leg dead lifts, flat back: 12@20kg, 8@60kg, 5@85kg, 5, 5 (3-min rests between work sets)
  • Dumbbell chest press, slow negative: 9@18kg (each side), 8, 7, 8 (2-min rests)
  • Seated rows, wide grip: 9@49kg, 8, 7, 6 (2-min rests)
  • Pallof press, big cable machine: 15 (each side)@35kg
  • Time: 46 minutes

    Weight: 70.6 kg

    Notes: Accidentally wore sandals to the gym, and they hassled me about it. Apparently it’s a health and safety thing related to dropping weights, because of course that doesn’t hurt if you’re wearing closed-toe shoes.

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