2019-02-16 workout

  • 5 min row machine
  • Straight-leg dead lifts, articulating back: 12@20kg, 12@30kg, 12@40kg, 8@50kg, 8, 8
  • Dumbbell shoulder press (seated): 8@16kg (each side), 6, 4 (3-min rests)
  • Drop set bicep curl machine, from 22.5kg
  • Ab crunch machine (seat height 4): 12@30kg, 10@27.5kg, 8@25kg (3-min rests)

Weight: 74.0kg

Time: 52 minutes

Notes: I forgot my wrist straps, so instead of flat-back dead lifts, I did articulated ones (at lower weights). Everything after that was really hard, presumably because the dead lifts were so hard.

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