2019-02-23 workout

  • 5 min row machine
  • Barbell back squats: 12@20kg, 8@60kg, 6@80kg, 5@100kg, 5, 8 (3-min rests between work sets)
  • Chest press machine, seat height 7, handle position 4 (3-min rests between work sets) : 12@30kg, 10@35kg, 10, 7, 10@27.5kg
  • 1 drop set of assisted pull-ups, neutral grip
  • Palloff press: 12@30kg

Time: 50 minutes

Weight: 73.8kg

Notes: I had planned to increase my squat weight to 105kg, but the rack with adjustable safety bars was busy, so I stayed at 100kg. I was able to do 8 reps in my last set, though, so I really should increase the weight next time.

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